Homographs ¿Qué son palabras homógrafas?

Updated: Nov 27, 2018

Homographs, son palabras que se escriben de manera similar pero poseen diferentes significados y se pronuncian de manera diferente, A continuación vamos a ver las palabras homógrafas más importantes del inglés.

Close /kləʊs/ or /kleuz/

Close /kleuz/: cerca

1-It was a really closed finish and they had to use a video replace to see who won the race.

Close /kləʊs/: cerrar

2- What time does does the ticket office close? we need to get our tickets for the match on Saturday.

Row /rəʊ/ or /raʊ/

Row/rəʊ/ : Lio, trifulca

3- The coach had a row with one of his players and threw a boot at him.

Row/raʊ/: Fila

4- We were sitting in the front row so could almoust touch the players.

Row /rəʊ/: Remar

5-People who row tend to have a very well developed biceps

Minute /´minit/ or [maɪˈnjuːt]

/´minit/: Minuto

6-He scored a goal just one minute before the refree blew the final withle.

/maɪˈnjuːt/:Mínimo, diminuto.

7-He was disqualified because they found a minute quantity of a banned substance in his blood sample.

Tear /tɪə/ or /tɛər/

/tɛər/: Romper,rasgar,roto.

8-If you tear a muscle or a ligament you not may be able to train for six months

/tɪə/: Lagrima

9-As she listened to the anthem play, a tear rolled down her cheek.

Content /kənˈtent/ or /ˈkɒntent/

/kənˈtent/: Contento.

10-Football players never seem content with their contracts.

They're always trying to negotiate better conditions.

/ˈkɒntent/: Contenido

11-The content of the programme was a two-hour analysis of the match.

Wound /wuːnd/ or /waʊnd/

/wuːnd/: Herida

12- You could see his head wound bleeding as he was taken off the pitch.

/wauːnd/: ] PT PP of wind * Pasado o pretérito de wind

13- He wound the tape tightly round his anle to prevent a sprain.

Use: /juse/ or /juze/

/juse/: uso

14- It's no use complaining; the umpire's decision is final

/juze/: usar

15 -If you use a high-tech swimsuit, you will be able to swim much faster.

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