Aprende inglés. Verbo + preposición.

En inglés existen verbos que van siempre con una preposición determinada, por ejemplo "look at"no confundir con los los phrasal verbs, en el que la preposición cambia el significado del verbo.

A continuación todos los verbos que tienen que ir acompañados de preposiciones determinada.

absorb in account for add to adjust to admit to agree with apply for appeal to argue with argue about arrange for arrive in / at apologize for approve of ask for accuse smb of smt arrest smb for smt B base on beg for begin with benefit from believe in belong to boast about borrow from blame smb for smt blame smt on smb C care for / about cater for choose between comment on collide with communicate with compare with / to compete with complain about compose of concern about / with concentrate on confess to confuse with congratulate on consist of contribute to cope with correspond with count on cover with crash into charge smb with smt (suçlamak) charge smb for smt (para tahsil etmek) convict smb of smt convince smb of smt cure smb of smt D decide on / against dedicate to depend on despair of deter from differ from disagree with disapprove of discuss with devote to dream of / about dress in drink to demand smt from smb derive smt from smt discourage smb from smt distinguish smb/smt from/between smb/smt distract smb from smt E elaborate on emerge from escape from experiment on excuse smb for smt exchange smt for smt exclude smt from smt expel smb from smt explain smt to smb F face with feel like feel about fight against/with/for forget about forgive someone for something G guess at get married to get rid of get tired of grumble about H hear of / about hide from hope of / for help smb with smt hinder smb/smt from smt I impress on insist on insure against interfere with / in invest in involve smb/smt in smb/smt J joke about K know about L laugh at/about listen to long for lend smt to smb M meet with mistake for get married to O object to operate on P participate in pay for persist in pray for prepare for prohibit from praise smb for smt present smb with smt prevent smb from smt provide smb with smt provide smt for smb punish smb for smb Q quarrel about smt quarrel with smb R react against / to recon on recover from refer to rely on reply to resign from respond to result in retire from room for remind smb of smt rob smb of smt S search for see to shout at smile at specialise in speak to stand for stare at stem from subscribe to substitute for succeed in suffer from save smb from smt sentence smb to smt share smt with smb subject smb to smt suspect smb of smt T talk to talk about think of/about turn to tell smb about smt thank smb for smt translate smt into smt trust smb with smt U use for V vote for W wait for wonder at work on worry about write to / about warn smb about/against

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